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The company "Postmost" presents the new postal service "PMpaket".

With 7 years of successful logistics operations in Germany and throughout Europe, we have established an exceptionally convenient logistical network for our customers.

What makes us particularly reliable and competitive:

Wide Range of Services: We offer a comprehensive service package, ranging from processing and shipping to complex logistics and tax refunds. All of this from a single source.

Global Reach: Our network extends worldwide, allowing you to deliver goods to different countries effortlessly.

Simplicity and Convenience: We have streamlined the shipping process to a minimum - you only need to print the shipping label and drop off the package at your nearest national postal service, such as DHL.

Partnerships: We have partnerships and special rates with major postal services in Europe. This enables us to offer competitive prices and high service quality.

Customer-Centric Approach: We are available at all times to meet your individual requirements and specific requests.

Competitive Rates: We offer competitive prices to ensure that your business remains profitable.

We deliver goods worldwide, connecting postal services from Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, and other countries with unlimited shipping options from Germany, the USA, the UK, France, and other European countries.

Our services are extremely convenient for our customers. You simply need to print the shipping label and take the package to your nearest national postal service, such as DHL.

"Postmost" does not limit itself to brokerage; we also offer services for shipping non-standard cargo and obtaining tax refunds from Europe. Additionally, we provide additional courier delivery options to any country. With our assistance, you can significantly increase your weight limit for imports from Europe.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your logistics needs, one who offers a comprehensive service package, high quality, and competitive prices, you are warmly welcome to "Postmost." Make use of our service.

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POSTMOST / PMPaket GmbH / Vitalij Venclovas
Buckower Chaussee 45
12277 Berlin
Tel. 03065943859

IBAN: DE13300209005310782142
Bank: Targobank
VAT ID: DE284718906

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